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Al Dacosta

For those that know me as Carlos, Hi!
I’ve decided to start sharing my life’s experiences, which is something I’ve always been wanting to do. I touch on this in my auto-bio somewhere in my “About” section.
I’ve launched myself as an Author with Amazon. My second name has a nicer ring to it, hence why you see “Al” instead of Carlos. It just rolls off the tongue much nicer!
I don’t write fiction, I write about real-life events. Any input is much appreciated, so don’t be a stranger!
So far I have 3 books published on Amazon: “BUILD YOUR BRICK OVEN step-by-step”, “INSTALL SOLAR POWER”, and a hardcover no-content book “2022 YEARLY JOURNAL” in A4 size pages (one page-a-day), by yours truly “Al DaCosta”.
My second book in particular shows how you can have a Solar Power System installed on your property, without spending a single cent!!!
So to the many other books still in the works that I’m yet to publish, stay well, be safe, and until the next book.


There are 2 main concepts that drive a person to become an author and publish their work. Fiction and non-fiction authors. For fiction authors, it’s fundamental to have a good imagination. They want to tell a story whether it’s true or not, or use a true story and adapt it to other circumstances, many times completely irrelevant to the original narrative. They are what I call entertainment (leisure) authors. Non-fiction authors write about real facts, they want to pass any type of real knowledge for the purpose of information or education. There are many niches in non-fiction writing, like tuition books, journalists, scientists, etc. I am a Non-Fiction writer, and concentrate on real issues, in the niche of “Self-Development”



All of my books will always be practical because I concentrate on subjects that matter, and that people like you and me can use, that will improve our lives in some way. What would be the benefit to you or anybody if I published a book on why dogs cockup their leg against a tree or a car tire when doing their business? As an example. I love animals, and always made sure my children were raised having pets around, it teaches respect, affection, caring and bonding. You might have a dog or not, but what would the advantage to know why your dog does that against a tree? None. Books like showing you the advantages of having a solar system on your property, and how affordable it is, could be of interest to you. There are hundreds of other topics out there that can be beneficial. That’s why I love to write about, the pleasure of knowing that the information in my book was put to good use, helping someone have a better life. .

Real Subjects

I shall always write about real topics that are needed, in the house, car, sailing, business, travel, and many other real topics that affect our daily lives. I also consider myself an artist and many decades ago taugh drawing from scratch to retired people, so they would go out and tried to draw whatever they wanted, I started with a class of 6 and ended up with 18 people. They loved it, several felt more connected with their surroundings, others found it helped their concentration skills. My main take on that incident was; that it also lifted me spiritually, to be more engaged with people of that age, that the majority of society leave well alone. Now being in that age group myself, I still find the urge to help people, this time around through books, with real information that young and old people will find helpful.

Hot Topics

Subjects that are contemporaneous, and can be of interest to people that might find a need for them. I include my book INSTALL SOLAR POWER, when researching for it I found current legislation and government help that I believe most people are not aware of. Even two of my books BUILD YOUR BRICK OVEN step-by-step, and also WHY 95% of BUSINESSES FAIL? These two books will always be current. Many people will want to add another angle to their outdoor property, like building a brick oven instead of just cutting the lawn weekly. Suddenly it is weekly parties with family and friends. The same applies to the business book, after reading an article with those statistics that I describe in the book, I could not resist to tell people what others and I do to succeed, and I don’t mean on a huge scale, but to triumph in whatever you decided to engage in. Most importantly is what not to do that could accelerate failure. When I say Hot Topics, I mean subjects that are more in need than others, and it can change from one decade to another. The 2000 was dominated by the Iraqui war, the 2010 by the financial collapse and the proceeding recovery, the 2020 with COVID that will be with us for a long time. It has killed almost one million Americans, but still there are people out there that deny it. I have witnessed throughout my life many other types of conspitacy theories, all that shows that people do not trust their governments, and the conspiracy theories are a type of rebellion against the system. I will always concentrate on the Hot Topics of the moment, that’s why I decidecd to write in the Self-Development topic. I see the increase of people suffering from stress, anxiety and other infirmities caused by the unusual life style that the few last decades have forced us into.


We forget that we, ourselves come to this world in two parts. Yes, you heard me right! The physical and the spiritual parts. The spiritual side most of the 90% of the population know very little about, virtually nothing, some even believe that it’s all baloney, and yet it’s our most powerful side. We’ve trained ourselves to be materialistic, what we see that’s what counts, most people would say, that is it! They say it, because they’re scared, they have felt that inner energy a few times, you might call it “gut feeling”. Other moments in life that we all go through and cannot explain the outcome, luck? Intuition? Forthsight? That’s our inner energy. Open your mind. Accept it, and things will happen. Wasn’t it Jesus that said: “Ask, and it shall be given you, seek and ye shall find, knock and it shall be opened unto you”. But… You must learn how to ask, and seek, and knock. It is not going to church, or praying with fervour that does it. The knowledge is already inside us, but as we can’t see it so it’s ignored. One could even say the “cookies” come already installed inside us, now we need to learn how to use them. I repeat! That is not learned out of a book. These are teachings of a life time and I cannot start going into it in a couple of paragraphs. It will be awhile before I will bring a series of books where I will go into it right from the ABC of the whole spiritual connection with the physical. It’s fascinationg and rewarding, and I’m not talking about wealth. I am now working on a book regarding the mechanics of meditation. The relation between spirit, mind and body. I think that will change your concept of what meditation is or what it ought to be. Believe me it’s all much simpler and productive than what we think. All my books and writings will always be about information, information and more information.

Best Selling Books

I don’t write fiction, I write about real-life events. Any input is much appreciated, so don’t be a stranger! So far I have 3 books published on Amazon: “BUILD YOUR BRICK OVEN step-by-step”, “INSTALL SOLAR POWER”, and a hardcover no-content book “2022 YEARLY JOURNAL” in A4 size pages (one page-a-day), by yours truly “Al DaCosta”. So to the many other books still in the works that I’m yet to publish, stay well, be safe, and until the next book


That’s a question that I ask myself. Why should anybody want to buy any of my books? The purpose of this answer is not to try to persuade you to do so. I can only answer that question from my point of view, from what I’m trying to do, where I want to go, and want to achieve when I write. All of it was learned and experienced through life.


One thing I can assure you is that my books will be Non-Fictional, they are based on real events that happened to me or to people that I knew. Lessons that I’ve learned from those events are what I want to share and pass on.


I started alone very young, and without any experience of life as my early youth was all handed on a silver platter to me. My tutor and shield my mother, died when I was thirteen. From then onwards I felt that feeling of being alone. The burning desire of succeeding in life and doing something by myself kept growing in me throughout my teenage years. 


I realized as the years went along that I was different from other people of my age. Never had the wanting need for a role model or an idol that I wanted to image myself with, whilst other kids of my age were turned on by their idols,  The Beatles, Elvis, Sinatra, Liz Taylor, and many more. I admired and enjoyed their work, but it never occurred to me to try to emulate my life on any of them. 


You can imagine the rough beginning when I left home in my late teens, and the numerous experiences I lived through. I’ve learned a lot from them, and there’s plenty to tell, and that’s exactly what I want to share through my books. This link gives a very brief description About the Author 


For anybody to succeed, the first rule is wanting to be, -the “Goal”-. Not to be scared of work, or sacrifice. Our prisons are full of people that want to be, but they don’t want the work and the discipline it involves, then, they take short cuts and if stealing or crime takes them to wherever they want to be, quick and without the work, they will follow that path.


These words that I’ve just shared with you are simple but describe vital lessons that I learned, not from any mysterious book. I’ve learned from the hard grind of living and business life.


Honesty, sincerity, and straight up-front, that’s what my books are about. I was told that I’m in the Self-Development niche, so be it, if I need to have a label in order to pass on what life taught me and help anyone that needs or wants to read my books, there you are then I’m a self-development author. 


Anything that brings joy or helps anyone to carve a better journey for themselves is what I intend to do through books, printed, and audio. I received help on many occasions which were  productive, and like gold at the time, but also through life I’ve always enjoyed giving a helping hand wherever I could. Now I’m retired and time is on my side. My input could be just building a brick outdoor oven, how to install solar energy in your house, and how not to make serious mistakes when starting a business. Suffering from stress, anxiety, headaches, and insomnia, there are meditations that I’ve done that helped me in many circumstances. I’m not talking about long-winded sessions, but short and intensely focused meditations that work.


I do hope that I’ve managed to answer that initial question. Any reader will always learn something from any of my books. As they are not about fictitious stories, but real situations that we all go through. I prefer to keep my books short and to the point, on subjects that I see that will help or will improve someone’s life.

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