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New Release

“The Secret Method for Installing Solar Panels 

On Your Home WITHOUT Spending Money”

7 Reasons Why You Should Switch to Solar Energy




Did you know there’s a way to get a solar system installed on your property without you spending a dime?


You see, humanity is facing two extraordinarily serious problems:


The first issue is our incredible thirst for energy. As the earth’s population grows, demand is only increasing and this has led to the second issue…the problem of climate change. Yes, all around the world we are beginning to see the effects of the climate catastrophe. From freak weather events to increasing temperatures, melting glaciers, and rising sea levels. Sadly, this problem is quickly getting out of hand and at the moment there is no real solution.


Ok, yes, many people think that nuclear energy will save us, but this really isn’t the case.





The issue with nuclear energy is nuclear-waste. This waste keeps active for thousands of years and we have no safe way to store it. And this brings me to my point: the only real way to fight climate change is by switching to wind and solar power. Everyday these solutions are becoming more and more viable. In fact, there’s no reason why every home in America or Worldwide shouldn’t have solar panels. While this might sound crazy, it’s going to become a reality far faster than you think. 


There’s only one problem (actually two, but we’ll get that in a minute.)


What is this issue? Well, to be honest, it’s the enormous costs involved.



Unfortunately, solar panels are still perceived as being incredibly expensive. If you think about this, you’ll realize that it’s true. After all, if you had the money, you’d probably switch to solar power today. But here’s what you need to understand, this simply isn’t the case anymore. The cost of solar panels is decreasing every year. Not only that, there’s now a way to install solar panels for FREE. 


Yes, that’s right. You can do it without spending any money at all. The reason is that there are now financial agreements available with installer/developers (PPA), where you pay off the whole installation system over a period of time, whilst saving money and benefiting from all that free solar energy with no upfront costs. 



How it works is simple. There are companies who install and set up the whole solar system on your roof for nothing. These companies use the free electricity that the solar system generates to get paid, by charging you a reduced Kilowatt-hour during an agreed period of time. This Kilowatt-hour tariff is well below what you are paying now to the utility company. So, you are saving money from day one, and the Installer/company is getting paid for installing the solar system on your property…and this is how you pay for the panels. It’s a Win-Win situation for everybody!


The important factor here is that you don’t need to carry on paying for large electricity bills any longer. 


What’s also great about these programs is that they solve the second problem mentioned earlier, which is…


M a I n t e n a n c e !


Another issue people have with solar systems is that they get worried about maintaining them. The installing companies take care of this problem. They handle all of the maintenance issues, and this makes switching to solar far easier than ever before.


In addition to this, there are 7 great reasons why you should get a solar system


1. Solar Power Increases Your Property Value 


A recent study found that a solar panel system can increase your home value by about $15,000. As it turns out home buyers are willing to pay more for a property that comes with solar panels. What this means is that…


2. Solar Systems Are an Investment, Not an Expense


This is one of the best investments you can make. Believe it or not, solar panels can actually generate a return of as much as 20%. This is simply because…


3. Solar Energy Saves Your Money


You start saving money from the moment the system comes live. Some people estimate that these savings can amount to as much as $25,000 over 25 years. What’s more…


4. Solar Costs Are Guaranteed 


Another benefit of signing up for a PPA is that costs are guaranteed. Your bill stays the same, even if energy companies increase their prices. And don’t forget that…


5. Solar Systems Require Almost No Maintenance 


This is what we spoke about earlier. You don’t have to worry about maintenance. The company does everything while you sit back and reap the rewards. The reality is that Solar Systems require little or no maintenance because there are no moving parts, so it lasts for many decades unless an airplane lands on your solar panels. In addition to this…


6. You Can Save Money on Your Tax Bill 


In 2009 congress passed a bill known as the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. This act contains something called the Solar Investment Tax Credit. This act gives you tax credits of up to 20%, meaning it’s possible to save thousands on your tax bill. Finally…

But it got better… If you install a system this year Uncle Sam gives you a tax credit of 26%, if you do it next year it goes down to 22% and the goodies stop at the end of next year.


7. Solar Power Is Always “On”


People think that solar panels only work when the sun is shining, but nothing could be further from the truth. Solar power works all day and, in all climates, even in cool and cloudy regions. 


The fact is that investing in solar energy is one of the best things you could ever do…


…for your wallet, the environment, and needless to say your health. 


But right now, you’re probably thinking…


“Ok this sounds great, but where do I start?”


To help you out I’ve written an all-in-one, comprehensive guide to getting started with solar energy. 


I call it:  INSTALL SOLAR POWER Solar Energy Without Upfront Costs, 


This book is written for people who want to take advantage of these installation agreements (PPA), and also for those who prefer a more hands-on approach and want to do things themselves. 


My book contains information on the following topics:


·       Why do we all need to start generating some or all of our electricity and invest on solar energy NOW.


·       Valuable government incentives, programs, and credits that can save you thousands of dollars 


·       What you need to know about PPA and Solar Turnkey systems. How to get in contact with these companies and select the best program. 


·       Should you use solar panel kits? How they work and which is the best kit to buy. What to do if you want to go the DIY route. 


·       How many solar panels do you need? Methods for calculating the exact amount.


·       Do you need a solar permit and why?


·       Is it better to place your panels on the roof or the ground? Factors that influence this decision and where to put your panels for maximum benefit


·       Technical details like grounding your system, mounting the inverter, and setting up 

back-feed breakers  


·       Plus, little known online resources, and useful links


With this book, you’ll be a solar expert in no time at all. It’s short, to the point, and has everything needed to start right away. 


You can learn more about my book by visiting this link 


At the End of the Day, It All Comes down to Choice. 


What type of world do you want to leave behind for your family and friends?


One that is ravaged by climate change and pollution…or a world that is safer, cleaner, and better than you found it? This book is going to help you achieve this goal. You’ll learn how to quickly get started with solar energy…plus how to start saving money immediately.


I’ll leave you with an enlightening quote:


“The amount of sunlight that strikes the Earth’s surface

in an hour and a half is enough to handle the entire

world’s consumption for a full year”


– the United States Solar Technologies Office-




Just imagine what we can do once we master how to properly harnessed all that solar energy












New Release


This book will show you how to build a practical, beautiful and efficient brick oven. Plus, the solid pedestal that supports it.

      You could build it just by following the sketches and photos.

In fact, any food cooked in brick or clay ovens tastes better than in conventional ovens. 


No! It is not a pizza oven. It’s an Outdoor Woodfired Oven. You can cook just about anything in them, it’s a pity that they are mistakenly called pizza ovens. These ovens generate a lot of heat but are more of a radiant type of heat. In spite of the intense heat, it does not burn food, but you must keep an eye on it, and learn how to cook with them. A thin crust pizza will cook much quicker (1.1/2 minutes no more), it’s tastier too!

I’ve seen and cooked myself exquisite cuts of beef, racks of lamb, legs, and shoulders of pork, roasted vegetables, bread, cakes, the list goes on and on, and of course pizzas. 

Try next time cooking a large dish with an assortment of vegetables, all well based in oil or butter, but better still with the juices from your meat roast.

These Are Unique Ovens That Will Enhance Your Property

If they are built right they are an asset to your property, that’s why I cannot stress enough to take care when planning to build it. Choose the right place, if it’s close to the house you’ll use it more often than if it is at a distance. 

Many people make a feature of it on their property, and cover the oven with some kind of structure. I don’t mean just four posts and a roof over it. 

it will enhance your property

A wide and roomy concrete slab on the ground, easy to maintain clean, comfortable enough to seat by the oven. The pedestal described in the book, that’s where the oven seats, it’s waist-high so when you cook you stand comfortably there’s no need to bend down. 

This pedestal is constructed with cement blocks for strength and durability. It has compartments on either side for wood storage. Dry wood can be on one side and wet wood on the other side for smoking food, or for wood drying.

You can build a structure with 4, 6 even 8 posts, with a well-designed roof over it. I’ve built one many years ago in Frejus in the South of France with eight posts 8” (20cm) thick, with a waist-high wall all the way around, and the opening between the posts installed wood-framed panels with mosquito mesh.

It was really living in another dimension, we would team up with friends in the cool evenings and enjoy the breeze blowing through the pine trees, the food that kept coming out of that oven, and the comradery of the occasion, besides the warmth that the oven gave was most welcome. These create memorable times, bonding with each other. They were outdoor luxurious moments and I came to the conclusion that you don’t need to be rich to enrich your life. Simple scenarios just like this one have no price. So, take care of your oven project right from the beginning. The little extras that you put into it, will be rewarding in days and years to come.


Throughout my life, I’ve built some of these ovens, experimented with building them with different techniques and materials. A technique that I’ve seen often being used with the aid of a string that is attached at the center of the base and is as long as the radius of the oven base. The position of every brick is determined by the length of the string until the top of the dome is reached.


I do not advise you to use the string technique because; 


  1. a.             It only helps to keep the dome rounded and you can only use it so far up the dome.
  2. b.             It will be fiddly work, positioning every brick just with the aid of a string, even if you use  

          a wooden block at the end of the string.

  1. c.             You cannot finish the oven floor properly, one of the most important parts of the oven. 

          To try to lay the oven floor when the dome is all enclosed and the only possible opening   

          is the doorway is not a good idea. Even if you lay all the floor before building upwards,  

          and leave out the center brick(s), that is also making life difficult for yourself. 

  1. d.           To build around the chimney and around the doorway, it will be difficult to build them just

          with the help of a string. Which you would not do anyway, and you will end up having

          to come up with some other way to build it.


Ask yourself why to complicate your life when you can build a temporary dome with materials that are easy at hand in no time at all. This way you can finish your floor and bring the walls up, enclosing the temporary dome. Every brick will have the right inclination as you travel up the dome. 


Building with a temporary dome on the top of the finished oven floor, then you are just resting each brick on that makeshift dome as you progress higher. The cement mix can then be applied on the back and in between the bricks, which will never be seen once you trowel the stucco layers


I find that using this system is the easiest, fastest, and with the best results. The only thing that you have to watch for, is that when you build the temporary dome not use any object bigger than your doorway. As long as you never forget that everything has to come out that way, you’ll be fine.




This book is loaded with building tips and techniques. Not only will show you how to build your oven, but also the ground platform, the solid pedestal, the top cement platform which is the base of the oven, and the oven itself, and also where to place and install the chimney. 


The good news is that if you decide to go for this book you do not need to pay the full price of $21,95 for the printed versions. The printed paperback book is on a 30% Promotion until April 30th this year. Even if you do not have the intention to build your oven soon, you still can take advantage of the promotion and build your oven at a later date. Another option which some people have used because they were busy and had no time, they contracted a bricklayer to do the job following the instructions of the book. This promotion makes it a good deal because you are getting a printed version for almost the price of the e-book. 

If you do go ahead, a review would be most appreciated.


How To Keep The Excitement Going!!


Enjoy building it and cooking in it. Don’t be a stranger and keep the excitement all to yourself, share and let us all enjoy your project.

My books will be on the Self-Development subject, that’s what I’m familiar with through living or experiencing it, and their purpose is to assist anyone to have a better and easier life journey. 


Joining our Facebook group list can be extremely helpful in sharing and learning from the experiences of other likeminded people. It’s a great way to solve problems and learn new ways of doing tasks, just by asking the community. How to…? How did you…? What happens if…? And other questions that arise during the construction of your oven.




This is my first book, it shows you how to build an outdoor oven, which will add another enjoyable feature to your property. My second book INSTALL SOLAR ENERGY is about the ins and outs of solar energy, shows you how you can install a solar system virtually for nothing and with no upfront cost to yourself.


The third book that I’ve just finished and will be published soon WHY 91% OF BUSINESSES FAIL? I read an article about this and it shocked me, and thinking back remembering people that I knew that went through that trauma. So, I decided to write a book about it highlighting the things not to do, and the things to do to succeed. I’m not interested in concentrating on failures due to natural or World financial disasters or similar, those cannot be controlled. This book concentrates on business mistakes people do and how to avoid them. 


Also, how to meditate, how to eat healthily, how to light-exercise keeping your body reasonably fit. All these subjects are vital for a healthier and happier life and are ignored. People get shocked when I tell them that my last visit to the doctor was 47 years ago. 


Most people believe that they should go to the doctor for a checkup every year. They do it because throughout their lives they have not educated themselves to listen to their bodies telling them when things are wrong, they don’t know how to read the signs and be strong enough to take action. That’s far better than any pill. It has served me well and I want to pass on that knowledge. This is not a technique that you are going to acquire overnight, it takes years to master, it’s a long process and you must not stop suddenly seeing your doctor if you feel that you need to.


 Obviously, what I’ve just mentioned is not for you if you are suffering from some ailment, and are under treatment, you must go to the doctor and keep up with your doctor’s appointments and instructions and your medication. I am referring to people that are reasonably healthy and can get even healthier and live a better life with natural methods.


As you can see my books will cover many aspects of living, always focusing on improving oneself. I am hoping that everyone joining my social media group list will share their experiences. Sharing is learning. 


Variety is the spice of life. 


Happy building, enjoy the food!!

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